About the Hood River Harvest Ride

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A Ride for Everyone ... Easy, Moderate, Challenging

3 Routes - 1 Bonus Loop

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Overview Map

Panorama Point Loop

(16.2 miles) A comfortable ride amongst some of the most gorgeous fruit orchards in the Hood River Valley, with many points of interest.

Parkdale Loop

(27.4 miles) A pleasant ride with modest grades, spectacular views of Mt. Hood, and numerous orchards and fruit stands. Incredible views!

Lost Lake Loop

(30.6 miles) A challenging climb to the Lost Lake road summit, only a quarter mile from the lake itself. Hear only the rustle of leaves fluttering in the cool breeze.

Cooper Spur Loop

(13.5 miles) This extension of the Parkdale Loop is a moderate climb to the village of Cooper Spur through upper valley orchards and the quiet solitude of a cool forest corridor.

Kids Loop

(Kids Ride)

(6 miles) A low traffic route with moderate elevation change, mostly on farm roads.


Ride Description, Suggestions & Weather

The Hood River Harvest Ride features five loops, each with its own appeal. Loops can be combined or done separately, as fitness allows. 

Along the way are points of interest: farm stands, two museums, a brewery and a winery. Purchases made while on the ride at Fruit Stand Pick-up points will be delivered back to the starting point for free.

Non-riders can get in the on action via the valley’s own Mt. Hood Scenic Rail Road which stops in Parkdale, one of the rest stops for the Hood River Harvest Ride.

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MORE ... Hood River Harvest Ride

The various rides on the Hood River Harvest Ride are designed so that you can enjoy a ride that's right for you ... from relatively easy to challenging.

Regardless of which ride you choose, there are several things in common across all rides:

  • Extraordinary scenery
  • Points of interest
  • Rest stops and refreshments
  • Local food at the end of the ride
  • Great people, great fun
  • The added comfort of knowing that proceeds go to a good cause!

And if you bring along friends or family members who don't ride, there are a variety of other things they can do in Hood River!

Mt. Hood
Photo by Darryl Lloyd longshadowphoto.com