About the Hood River Harvest

A Little Bit of History

Hood River was founded in 1855 by Nathanile Coe. One year later, his sons planted a variety of apples and fruits. A lack of reliable transportation, storage, pest control and irrigation made for hard work for the Coes and other initial growers.

By 1881, the train arrived leading to foreign exports in 1900. Strawberry production peaked between 1915 (lower valley) and 1940 (upper valley).

The big freezes of 1919 and 1929 reshaped the composition of fruit growing in the valley. Apples, which did not survive the cold, were replaced by hardier varieties - and pears.

Today, 14,000 acres (about 3%) of Hood River County’s 534 square miles is committed to orchards generating upwards of $70 million in revenue/year.

Golden cherry trees in the fall
Golden Cherry Trees in the Fall Photo by Darryl Lloyd longshadowphoto.com

The Harvest Will Be In Full Swing

Please be aware that the harvest will be occuring during the time of the Hood River Harvest Ride. This means you need to be especially mindful of trucks backing onto the road and carrying fruit.  Please stay clear of moving equipment!

The farmers are friendly, but keep in mind that this is a busy time of year for them. All of the hard work they've done all year pays off ... or not ... at harvest time. 

So please, have fun on your ride, but be courteous and be safe.  Thanks!

Tourist Tip:

When riding in the Hood River Harvest Ride, be sure to visit the Hutson Museum in Parkdale -- a museum dedicated to honoring the farming history and ongoing farming traditions in Hood River.

Hood River Farming Today

Things have changed a lot over the years. Farming is still the mainstay industry in Hood River that it always was, but the mix of farm products are adapting to better meet the needs of today's consumers.

Hood River Valley

Today, grapes, blueberries, and organic foods of all varieties are being grown in addition to the traditional apples, pears, and cherries for which the valley is best known. And for those of you who like to visit lavendar fields, Hood River has several of those as well!

We invite you to travel around the backroads while you're here for the Hood River Havest Ride, and see what our agricultural region has to offer. Visit some orchards, do some wine tasting, taste some local foods. 

Enjoy yourself, and thank you for keeping in mind that it's a busy season for the farmers.

Links to Get You Started

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