$120k/month Selling A Bicycle Lock

Hello, my name is Michael Shenkerman and I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of Seatylock. I have already been in the manufacturing business for the last twenty years and about 7 years back I co-founded Seatylock. The ongoing company is the programmer and producer of innovative high-end bike locks. Seatylock was founded as a platform for innovation. Our first creation was a hybrid product, the first ever product merging a bicycle chair and a secure one – the Seatylock (never to be puzzled with the name of the business which is also Seatylock).

Since we’ve continued to build up and manufacture a multitude of bike locks, from folding hair to U-locks. Our locks are made only from the highest quality materials, in order to make sure they aren’t only strong, but durable also. ONCE I started Seatylock my mission was to produce the best bike locks in the world and to bring true innovation into a conservative industry, where technology is scarce and rare. To accomplish that, Seatylock aspires to find new concepts and ideas in the bicycle security industry which is the primary reason that people founded Seatylock which is exactly what we strive to do each day.

Today, Seatylock operates on a global products and scale marketplaces throughout the globe with new security solutions for bike riders. Seatylock is constantly on the pursue its passion and do everything possible to ensure bicycle riders can get wherever they are going while keeping their bikes safe. 137,000 in a campaign that received a great deal of press attention and open public exposure because of the innovative concept and design of the Seatylock.

Well, this is a long tale….

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I have been around in the manufacturing business for twenty years now and I needed a lot of experience with all aspects of manufacturing and logistics in China. I have been working in China for years and I had formed gained a great deal of understanding of the complex procedure for manufacturing in China and importing goods from China to other parts of the world.

Because of my experience, many entrepreneurs would contact me and ask for my advice for how to begin a business predicated on creation in China. I knew in the past that possessing a good idea is crucial, but this is a small part of the big picture just, which is execution, how to take that basic idea and turn it into truth. I was contacted by two young entrepreneurs who had the essential idea for a hybrid product combining a bicycle seat and a secure one.

I loved the idea quite definitely from the get-go, but I also knew that with no right knowhow this great concept will stay an idea rather than have the chance to turn into a genuine product. My profession and financial situation were quite good as I had formed my very own business production custom steel parts in a variety of metalworking technologies according to the customer’s needs.