I Have The Basic Idea, But I Don’t Know Exactly How TO ACCOMPLISH It.. Any Suggestions?

I Have The Basic Idea, But I Don't Know Exactly How TO ACCOMPLISH It.. Any Suggestions? 1

So, like most things, the basic idea is simple, but putting it collectively appears to be much harder than it looks. Maybe I simply don’t know what resources are available to me, and it’s really easier than I think, but that’s why I’m here. Any help would be amazing! Here’s some links to the archived webpages in the WayBackMachine if you are interested in since.. The essential idea, as they described it, was “Facebook satisfies Jackass”.

Think of a website where people are daring each other to do things. You create a profile. You go to a forum page on the website. Here people can post dares for the city. Other users can either choose to participate in somebody else’s dare, or comment and watch on videos of others doing the dares. Each dare has a period limit. At the ultimate end from it, the creator of the dare chooses successful.

  • Step 5: Refine and adjust above as needed
  • Improve Website Responsiveness
  • Change the Startup type to Disabled. Then click Apply and OK to save lots of your change
  • Open license file with notepad
  • Use glue dots to hold them in this position
  • Optimized for swiftness and SEO
  • 7 Cisco IoT Platform
  • Attach the medial side Panel to the printing device

Other users can vote on these submissions with either an up-vote or down-vote. Winners get badges and earn accomplishments, in addition to some other prizes offered by the individual who created the dare. A ranking is acquired by Every consumer, just like reddit karma. This rating monitored by total up-votes and down-votes.

There is also a residential area powered leaderboard. Here, you can see weekly, monthly, and all time rankings of individuals with the most karma. In the full case of Bragster, we were holding called bragging rights and this what people competed for.. User information feature status posts and updates, a gallery to see almost all their links and videos to other websites.

Making it easy to see their ranking in all these leaderboards would also be nice! Users can form groupings also, whether it’s to contend in dares or simply to follow their favorite personalities. Donations and subscriptions will be a nice feature also, not only for users, but also for the site generally as well. That is a huge task, which means the big bucks I don’t possess, if I want a custom deal.

I’m looking at Plugins like PeepSo to take care of user profiles. I think that MIGHT work, but it will be doesn’t do everything I’d like it to. Every other options I will be turning over for user profiles? What about user driven positioning systems for video submissions? Talking about videos.. I’d choose NOT to web host those videos on the website.