How To BOOST YOUR Page Views And Generate Targted Traffic For YOUR WEBSITE

How To BOOST YOUR Page Views And Generate Targted Traffic For YOUR WEBSITE 1

What are you doing to raise the number of page views your website likes? Here are four easy-to-follow steps that you’ll require to take to get targeted website traffic to stay much longer on your site. When you have built a continuing business website, it’ll only achieve success if you can get targeted web site traffic to go to it and stay on it long enough to really get your message and react on it.

The degree of success a website will probably enjoy is usually related to the number of web page views it gets each day. Page views are generated by unique guests who surf onto your site to check on it out or find the response to a question or information about how to do something. If a unique visitor talks about three of your pages then your stat counter-top will add 1 to the initial Visitors tally and 3 to the Page Views tally.

The additional time a visitor spends on your site the more likely it is that they can get the message and take action. Enticing people to click through the web pages of your website is an excellent way to keep them on your site. Folks are hungry once and for all quality relevant information and that is one of their key motives for surfing the web.

It has been said many times before that content is king, but the simple truth is that content is king when it comes to the web really. If your site delivers the information they need, they shall be more than willing to check it out and to bookmark it, return to it and possibly even recommend it to others.

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Your content will also get picked up by the search engines, so people shall keep on visiting it and your page views will dramatically increase. Some people find it hard to jointly string a single word; others never know when to stop! With regards to website copy, remember the good old acronym, K. I. S. S. – keep it short and simple! Serve up the info in concise and easy-to-read chunks. Keep your paragraphs short. People have short attention spans on the web. Don’t expect them to learn a thousands of word article. On the Internet people have a tendency to check out articles for the info they need.

They will only read an article from start to complete if the style and content are so good that they can’t help but read everything. 3. Use proper formatting and highlighting. The appearance and style is vital. In case your website looks dull, with great chunks of hard-to-digest text, people will surf out as as they surfed in quickly.

You can raise the time they spend on your site by highlighting all the keywords and keyphrases. Don’t be scared of white space, either. Generally speaking, highlighted text message that is laid out with a lot of white space around it is of interest to the eye and helps visitors to check out the page, which is appreciated.

Break up longer articles into webpages that deal with different sections of your theme and request the visitor to “view more” or “go to next page” by publishing a link at the bottom of every section. 4. Put article teasers and a site map on your main page. Another way to increase web page views is to put excerpts or teasers from your other webpages on your homepage.

Link each teaser to the respective webpage to encourage click-throughs. It is also an excellent idea to give a site map to make it easier for individuals as well as search engine spiders to get around your site. These are the four simple actions you will need to put into action to increase page views and get targeted web site traffic to remain on your site long enough to get your message.

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