Via Business Mirror: Even though the Philippine government only began promoting medical tourism in 2006, Philippine hospitals have been getting foreign patients for over three years now. There was the right time when some Philippine private hospitals were considered the best in your community, with people from as far as the US seeking treatment here. When Imelda Marcos set up the Philippine Heart Center in 1975, it became an important center for cardiac care in the Asia-Pacific region due to its foreign-trained medical personnel, state-of-the-art facilities, and advanced medical research and care. The Center Center was at the forefront of developing bio-prosthetic prototype and valves medical equipment. It had been a trailblazer in coronary angioplasty in the region.

The Philippine Medical Tourism Program has four domains: full medical center treatment and treatment; niche clinics (e.g., eyes, dental, and cosmetic services); wellness and spa centers; and retirement and long-term care for older people. 1,365 limited to the same procedure. 4,342 in Malaysia. India offers that its medical rates are 40% to 60% lower than the rates in the US and UK. Philippine medical professionals are fluent in English also, which reduces the possibility of error and misunderstanding between doctor and international patient. Medical professionals in the nationwide country, the nurses particularly, are recognized for their hospitality, skills, and excellent patient care, which makes them popular in foreign clinics abroad.

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So there will be multiple plans with various benefits for different customers. Generally, the basic service includes certain restrictions or restrictions, such as in-app advertisements, storage space restrictions etc., which the premium plans shall not have. For example, the essential version of Dropbox includes 2 GB storage space. 9.99 a month for it. Some online image editors enable you to edit only a certain number of images in the free basic plan while an unlimited quantity of images in the paid plan. Youtube’s free plan includes ads while the superior (Red) plan has no ad interruption and yes it has other benefits too.

This model is one of the very most adopted models for online companies because it is not only a great marketing tool but also a cost-effective way to range up and get new users. If customer acquisition costs are high, this business model might be the most suitable option. The subscription business model enables you to keep customers over the long-term contract and get recurring revenues from them through repeat purchases.

Examples – Netflix, Dollar Shave Club. Aggregator business model is a lately developed model where in fact the company various service providers of a niche and sell their services under its own brand. The amount of money is gained as commissions. Examples – Uber, Airbnb, Oyo. Online marketplaces aggregate different retailers into one platform who then compete with one another to provide the same product/service at competitive prices.

The marketplace creates its brand over different facets like trust, free and/or on-time home delivery, quality sellers, etc. and earns commission on every sale carried on its platform. Examples – Amazon, Alibaba. Just like the the earlier days Just, these business models are popular with mass media publishers like Youtube, Forbes, etc. where the information is provided free of charge but are followed with advertisements which are covered by identified sponsors.

With the development of the internet, there’s been an increase in the quantity of data generated upon the users’ activities over the internet. This has resulted in the advancement of a new business model – the info licencing business model. Many companies like Twitter and Onesignal sell or licence the info of its users or users of users to third celebrations which then use the same for analysis, advertising, and other purposes.