Thinking About Starting Your Own Business?

Thinking About Starting Your Own Business? 1

It’s great seeing the bees soaring away and foraging so early within Illinois. A lot of you shall need to make spring splits if not your colony will probably swarm. I’ve just produced a fresh video on making splits. Seriously and let’s take one of my overwintered hives aside and divided it three ways!

I’ve posted the video below. FREE CLASS:Starting Your Own Bee Business. Thinking about starting your own business? Join Sheri Burns as we discuss the various kinds of bee businesses started, along with a short discussion on information all small businesses need to find out. We’ll touch on pros and cons of different types of honey and bee businesses and help you think about mission claims and business plans. This class is from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Please seek the advice of your lawyer when starting your own business. Registration is required, seating is limited. This class will be held at the Training Center located at 14556 N 1020 E in Fairmount IL (1/2 hour east of Champaign, a few momemts of Danville west, 1 and 1/2 hours west of Indy). 206 south into town. Head to 2nd stop sign (which is approximately 5 miles out in the country) and turn left.

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Go down 2 country streets to 1020 East and turn left. We are about 1/2 mile down on your left, you will see our indications. Click here to now sign up. Your Bees might Do Some Unusual Things. What Will YOU NEED TO DO? Knowing how to proceed so when is the tricky part of beekeeping.

Let me be your coach. I have a special mentorship program called BeeTeam6 where you can call, email or text me concerns or questions you are experiencing about your bees. Plus you obtain a weekly tip and a weekly instructional beekeeping video. Even though you yet are not keeping bees, this is perfect to help you get the education you need before you start.

Or if you are starting this year, why not have the extra satisfaction with someone you can seek advice from. Some Of You Are Getting Started Brand New! How do I install a package? How do I test for mites? How do I examine my hive? How do I know when to include another package?

Here’s a nifty little feeder I really use a lot. Sometimes I place it together with the frames of a new split with an empty shell around it. But I really used it a lot this season in past due winter and early spring. I positioned these out in my bee yards for bees to fly and gather up the 1:1 sugar water when there is certainly nothing else available in late winter or fall.